There are monsters
in Your bed

There are monsters
in Your bed


Extremely Aggressive Pillows are here


All game modes can be played as a singleplayer but will also support up to eight players on a single device. Of course, there is also the option of playing over the network.

Game maps

The game maps are varied and each offers a number of functional and responsive objects and special distinctions that force players to change their battle strategy.

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The base version of the game is free on PC starting 1st September 2023! You can play online with anyone!
Did you support Bulanci via crowdfunding or purchase them on Steam? We’ve got special bonuses for you. You can find all the important info in this summary.

Road map december

The nature of Bulanci

Players control the characters of the fighting pillows called Bulanci. They are cute, chubby, seemingly clumsy things, but they behave and look like tough warriors, and when combined with weapons, they deliberately take the term „pillow fight“ to an extreme.

  • Thanks to top-down prespective, everyone has a constant overview of the battlefield
  • In each level, players must change their tactics according to the environment
  • You can look forward to a campaign that can be played solo as well as cooperatively
  • In addition to PC, we are also preparing Bulanci on the consoles
  • During the game, you will experience the night-and-day cycle as well as bad weather conditions
  • Team deathmatch and conquest mode await you
  • You can customize your characters – choose your appearance, pattern and small accessories
  • The history book reveals more about the nation of Bulanci

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Bulanci - Extremely Aggressive Pillows
Bulanci - Extremely Aggressive Pillows
Bulanci - Extremely Aggressive Pillows