Hello! We’re glad you’ve decided to play Bulanci and share your gaming experience with other through videos or live streams. By this document, we would like to introduce some basic rules for such videos and their monetization. Our goal is not to limit you, but to ensure the creation of videos which are fair to us as the developers and to others.

1. Basic Provisions

By this policy, we as the developer, meaning SleepTeam s.r.o., company registration number 285 12 910, with headquarters at Lidická 700/19, Brno 60 00, establish the basic rules of video creation and live streams.

For the purposes of this policy, by video and live stream, we understand any videos using Bulanci, the game’s content, screenshots, and other images from the game, videos such as cutscenes or other, music from the game, or any other game elements (collectively as “Videos”), and their publication of platforms such as YouTube, twitch.TV, Blip.TV, Ustream.TV, TikTok, Instagram, and similar services.

2. Permitted Videos Monetization

You are allowed to monetize Videos capturing your experience of playing Bulanci where you receive a payment for Video views from above-mentioned platforms. However, it is only possible under the following conditions: created Videos must not breach the rights of other persons, especially the right of intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, etc.), personal rights, and proprietary rights. Be aware that any form of art (text, music and images) can generally constitute intellectual property of other entity, and you have to obtain the permission to use such content from such an entity.

The content of the Videos must not be derogatory, defamatory, racist, pornographic, obscene, scandalous, discriminatory or in breach of good manners. We know that everyone perceives some of these terms differently, but we believe everyone understands the basic idea. We will not tolerate any content which can be harmful to someone. With the exception of above-mentioned monetization, we do not agree with the publishing of Videos in any other commercial way. Above all, please do not let your viewers pay you for access to Videos or do not sell (license) Videos for money.

3. Other Conditions

Provided by this policy, you can use the above-mentioned content in you Videos. However, do not use any part of Bulanci (such as music, voiceovers or the character design of Bulanci) individually, especially not for the purpose of profit. Not adhering to the conditions stated in this policy can result in us striving to delete the Video.

We reserve the right to change the contents of this policy. In case of a change, we will publish a new wording of these conditions online, and we will try to announce the new wording to you in another way as well.